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Don't have a library card? Are you a resident of zipcode 53081 or 53083? Apply online and start taking advantage of our digital services immediately.

Your new account may be used now for digital services including streaming music, downloadable e-books and magazines, and more, as well as using public computers at Mead Public Library. Pick up your card at Mead Library, or have it mailed to you within one week, and use it to check out items at Mead Library and other public libraries in the Monarch Library System.

Please note that online card registration requires a valid credit card and $1 processing fee (non-refundable).

Applying for a Mead Library card in person is always free. Be sure to bring along a photo ID with your current address or bring along a photo ID without a current address plus a bill or similar document mailed to your current address in the last 30 days.

If you're not sure if you have a library card, or have questions, please call us at 920-459-3400, ext. 3401, or e-mail to